Sexual Performance Enhancer for Men

Wish you could last longer or perform better? You're not alone: a lot of men worry about sexual performance problems, such as low sex drive, low sexual stamina, difficulties in achieving satisfactory erection, and inadequate sensation or pleasure. Most also feel a decline in their energy level.

Even most normal men worry about their sexual performance and wonder if it can be improved. Fortunately, there is help: a clinically proven herbal supplement called V-DOX.


V-Dox is an all-natural supplement composed of highly purified extracts of the herbal plants Tribulus terrestris and Ginkgo biloba.

As herbal treatment, Tribulus has been used in Asia and Europe for many years to treat low sex drive and other sexual performance problems. Raw Tribulus extract, however, takes a very long time to exert its positive effects as the active ingredient is present only in small amounts.

A breakthrough in the scientific purification process allows us to extract larger quantities of the active ingredient of Tribulus, a natural compound called protodioscin. Enriched over 100- folds, the concentrated protodioscin in V-Dox allows men to experience its benefits in a much shorter period of time.

Together with purified ginkgo flavone glycoside, the active ingredient of Ginkgo biloba shown to help promote microvascular circulation and improve blood flow, the protodioscin in V-Dox is clinically proven to improve men's sexual health, help naturally treat sexual performance problems, and boost energy level and vitality without any unwanted side effects.

V-Dox also has the addition of L-Arginine, a natural amino acid required in the biosynthesis of signalling molecules necessary for a normal erection cycle.